Sunday December 13th noon-6pm

PMOMA at the Publication Fair!
@ The Cleaners at Ace Hotel 403 SW 10th Ave. Portland, Oregon


October 23rd

OPENING NIGHT reception for the exhibition COSTUME: Rose Mackey's halloween shop

with a special reading from Jack Gilbert and musical performances by Jackie Stewart (Smegma) & Cat Mummies from the Louvre

October 25th

special performance series at North Star Ballroom 5pm sharp!
**635 N Killingsworth Ct, Portland, OR 97217**

PMOMA presents Julius Smack, with Jin Camou & friends
special presentation of costumes from exhibition being modeled by artists and their friends

Peter Hernandez performs site-specific concerts as a dancing statue named Julius Smack. His new songs regard climate change, egalitarianism, and observing humanity from the perspective of a weathered object.


We are co-presenting Dynasty Handbag this year at PICA's Time Based Arts festival!

Opening night of Simply The Worst: Dynasty Handbag is Friday September 4th. Come and party with us- live performance from the artist throughout the night. 8pm

PMOMA at Printed Matter's Art Book Fair at P.S.1. MOMA


Opening night party!!! Friday July 3rd

with a special performance from Cat Mummies at the Louvre

BLACK AND WHITE THEMED EVENT- b&w outfits encouraged


DANyDANY & THE COSMIC SERPENT music and teleplay screening

We are hosting a special evening of music and theatrics! DANyDANY (past company members of Nature Theater of Oklahoma) will be performing together for their first time in Portland. Their performance exudes themes of love, nature and dark comedy within politics and humanity. They perform original songs on twin Venezuelan cuatros. DANyDANY's songs are reminiscent of Cuban trova, Fado, Venezuelan Llanero and American folk music. This will be a unique experience not to be missed!

We will also be screening a screening of The Cosmic Serpent by artists Julia Calabrese and Emily Bernstein.
The Cosmic Serpent is a teleplay created in homage to daytime television — a hybrid of Telemundo, experimental theater, sitcom, and containing elements of myth and fable. With Julia Calabrese’s background as painter, dancer, and ceramicist and Emily Bernstein’s as creative writer, improvisational comedian and performer, the two investigate the magic and humanity inherent in an imperfect hand.

Based on a story Emily Bernstein wrote in the summer of 2013, The Cosmic Serpent is a production which incorporates elements of magical realism, the culture of self-help, and the lineage of the classics to illustrate what it is to lose the self in the hunger for ideal love. Starring a quixotic Arizona woman, her invalid husband, a Mexican veterinarian and a chain-smoking python, The Cosmic Serpent was produced with support from Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, The Andy Warhol Foundation, Calligram and Portland Community Media.


The Cosmic Serpent

Opening night for Howard Finster: Space is My Future
Saturday January 31st, 2015-- 8PM

with a solo acoustic performance from the amazing Ural Thomas!

All are welcome!


~~~~~~~Friday December 5th- 8 pm~~~~~

Closing reception for I Hear a Symphony featuring the release of a catalog collaboration of the exhibit with the lovely Publication Studio! These ladies make such beautiful work. Come celebrate Daniel Long's amazing show one last time.

check out the Publication Studio project here!


Opening for I Hear a Symphony

New work by Daniel Long

Saturday- October 11th, 2014- 8pm

with dancing and cookies

Dj's Jen O and Sweet Jimmy T will bring the milk


Don Pyle- September 3rd 2014- October 5th 2014


Please join us in celebrating our 2 year anniversary- with a mega-rad-splunk-razzm-tasm-POOL PARTY!!!


We rented out the entire Peninsula Park Pool! We have music- dancing -water slide- snack- t-shirt gun- underwater camera. JOIN US- All ARE WELCOME!

Peninsula Park Pool is located
on the corner of Albina and Rosa Park

700 N Rosa Parks Way, Portland, OR 97217


Effigy Mounds:
the art of Corum

Opening night extravaganza-
Saturday May 17th 2014 8pm

Inspired by recent travels to Guatemala and experiences with Leonard Crow Dog's Sundance ceremony, multitalented artist and voyager Grant Corum welcomes us into his world with Effigy Mounds: the Art of Corum – an escape hatch from reality into a world of mysterious relics, primal sources, luminous visions and altered states. The opening party on Saturday will be a mystic spectacle, ceremonially opening the gates to a psychedelic landscape crafted out of the remnants of our collective psychic past, where you will see and feel conjurations of:

Holographic Lost Continents, Temple of American Orphic Vice Saint Michael Jackson, Symbiotic Fusion of Star Descent Spores, Current Tunnels of Snake Cults, Inner Dimensional Dream Travelgraphs, and Walt Disney-eque Peyote-inflected Fantasia Visions

Please join us this Saturday to bring Grant’s visions to life, with a Tarot-themed performance by White Gourd where she explores The Magician, and a screening and live Effigy Mounds film score of by Corum.


RICHART: the art of Richard Tracy artist reception and Record Release Party for cellist Lori Goldston

We are having a party! Saturday night! April 19th, 2014 8pm

In celebration of our new show RICHART: The Art of Richard Tracy, we will have a performance from cellist Lori Goldston, showcasing her record recently released from Mississippi Records. There will also be a screening of the film Richart made by local artists Vanessa Renwick and Dawn Smallman. The night will be filled with food and booze and merriment! Artist will be in attendance.

Come on down!!!



Friday March 7th 2014 8 PM

free (donations strongly suggested for touring act)

Tara Jane Oneil will delight us with music from her newest album. This will be a very powerful night of creative exchange. We are so happy to host Chris Johanson's show and wanted to throw a proper party. Joining TJO will be our resident trickster Brian Mumford performing his project Dragging an Ox Through Water. We will also be graced with some witchy words form poet and artist Mo Ritter. All in All- this night is not to be missed!

SEE you there


Saturday February 15th----8 PM

Chris Johanson's solo exhibition
opening night party!

with music from Gift Horse

Phillip Cohran Live! Hollywood Theater-
Thursday February 6th



Opening night for Portland Collects: PMOMA presents work from private collections




Tuesday January 7th, 2014 8PM

A collection of shorts from our friends and collaborators at free spirit news!

*adult content- like really adult stuff- so no kiddos this time!


DECEMBER 21st, 2013

with a special warm beverage from Johanna Jackson

9:30 PM


DECEMBER 16th, 2013

Monday December 16th- PMOMA is harnessing all the warmth of our community and having an extra special musical evening.


Marissa Anderson
Jolie Holland
and friends

8 PM, free




featuring musical performances by: The Woolen Men and Half Shadow

short stories inspired by the paintings from:
Eric Benick, Nicole Levine, Michelle Rose

We loved having Mr. Otis's work on display at PMOMA this past month and we want to throw a serious going away party--- come and celebrate with us


October 12th, 2013---------- 8PM

Primitve-Moderne: the art of Mr. Otis
Opening Reception with special performance by cellist Lori Goldston


Portland Museum of Modern Art is back for another exciting year of programming! We started out by hosting Glaswegian artist Sue Tompkins as part of Portland's Time Based Arts festival which opened at the beginning of the month. On Saturday September 28th we will be hosting a night of performances inspired by this work. Please join us in celebrating Sue Tompkins and TBA.

Performances by:

Music from Sad Horse
Words and songs from Neal Morgan
Words from Sarah Archer
Performance from Alicia McDaid

Show starts at 8pm

A little about the performers:

Sad Horse: Sad Horse reside in Portland, Oregon. Like twins who share a secret game of their own invention, Geoff Soule and Elizabeth Venable have in Sad Horse a band that operates by its own gleeful logic. Hearing these songs, you can tell there are rules keeping all of the clockwork pieces moving together but they are elusive to anyone except the two of them. From the simple set-up of guitar, drums and two voices Sad Horse spin a maniacal whirlwind, shooting off songs that twist and turn and seem on the verge of shaking to pieces before suddenly careening into a great big chorus or hooky riff. It's an exhilarating blur at first but as soon as your ears adjust it becomes clear that at heart the record is a collection of strange and wonderful pop songs. (taken from Water Wing Records official website)

Neal Morgan: Neal Morgan's music consists of drumming and singing - his second full length solo album was self-released January 24, 2012, with distribution by Drag City, who also distributed his debut album, To The Breathing World, 2009. Has accompanied Joanna Newsom since 2006. Arranged and performed the drums on Have One On Me. Has accompanied Bill Callahan and arranged and performed drums on Apocalypse.

Sarah Archer: Sarah Archer is a poet from Portland, Oregon. She can carry 12 glasses at a time but breaks an average of two per week.

Alicia McDaid: As an Irish Catholic who attended a Quaker High school and wished she was Jewish but instead became involved in the 12 Step module of therapy as a young teen, she indulged in the processes of being lost and found ad infinitum. As a 15 year old, she received 2 (curable) STD’s while losing her virginity in Trenton, New Jersey and believes comedy and tragedy are like chocolate and peanut butter. An avid, devout and possibly obsessive compulsive therapy hobbyist, she has tried everything from new age support groups to stone age psychiatry to hot stone massage. From colonics to Rasputinesque hypno-acupuncture to 12 step to step-aerobic constipation it has been a thoroughly entertaining romp in the dark. While she has never really found the ultimate “solution”, she has spent a lot of money. She has performed in PICA's 2008, '09 and '12 TBA festivals as well as Seattle's 2009 On the Boards Festival. She was married in 2010 and will hopefully be divorced by 2014.



SATURDAY JUNE 8th 2013---- 8 PM

Sad Night Live is curated by PMOMA featuring our favorite sad songs from performers Michael Hurley, Shelley Short, and Dragging an Ox Through Water. We have also asked acclaimed author Patrick DeWitt to read us one of his saddest stories. Please join us in embracing sadness as part of happiness.

A little about being sad:

Sadness is perhaps the least popular emotion, but there is at times something comforting in its presence, also. The sadness of others, when presented in the form of song, story, or painting, can be moving and empowering, as the viewer is forced to recognize sorrow as a shared or communal experience.

This Saturday at the Portland Museum of Art, four local artists will delve into their most melancholic material, in celebration of all things Sad.

Sad Night Live: Because a life without sadness is no life at all.

This show is in conjunction with Uncontrollable Urge, a YETI Magazine retrospective on view now at Portland Museum of Modern Art through June 14th


Uncontrollable Urge: A YETI Magazine retrospective
-featuring an eclectic showcase of thirty-plus national and international artists -

OPENING PARTY Saturday May 4th, 8 PM

The publication celebrates its thirteenth year with
issue #13, in a new full-color format which debuts at the exhibition.

Also debuting is the tenth and final “YETI bootleg” collage film, which will only screen at the opening (the other YETI bootlegs were shown throughout 2012 at Portland’s lovely Hollywood Theatre).


The Waltz the story of August and Eloise
A new exhibition by Kyle Simon featuring Benjamin Folstein

Opening reception SATURDAY MARCH 23rd 7:30 pm
live performance through-out the night
with a feast laid out for a king! roasted chicken, golden fruits, and much more!!



---in conjunction with the current exhibition
THE WALTZ the story of August and Eloise
by Kyle Simon

PMOMA presents: SLEEP 5
part of a local poetry reading series

featuring writers:
Jay Nebel / David Weinberg / Morgan Ritter

sleep series website

Opening Night!!! PMOMA's first annual group show pays tribute to joy and light.
Come celebrate with us! Saturday February 9th 7:30


JANUARY 12th 2013--- 8 PM

A very special night of readings from acclaimed writers:

Patrick deWitt
Jon Raymond
Venessa Veselka

in conjunction with "The Big Fig" the knit sweaters of Johanna Jackson on display through January 31st

Patrick deWitt (born 1975) is a Canadian novelist and screenwriter. He was born on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and later lived in Californiaand Washington. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon.

His first book, Ablutions (2009), was named a New York Times Editors’ Choice book. His second book, The Sisters Brothers (2011), was shortlisted for the 2011 Man Booker Prize, the 2011 Scotiabank Giller Prize the Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize and the 2011 Governor General's Award for English language fiction. He was one of two Canadian writers, alongside Esi Edugyan, to make all four award lists in 2011. On November 1, 2011, he was announced as the winner of the Rogers Prize, and on November 15, 2011, he was announced as the winner of Canada's 2011Governor General's Award for English language fiction. On April 26, 2012, the book The Sisters Brothers won the 2012 Stephen Leacock Award. Alongside Edugyan, The Sisters Brothers was also a shortlisted nominee for the 2012 Walter Scott Prize for historical fiction.

Vanessa Veselka is a writer and musician living in Portland, Oregon. She has been, at various times, a teenage runaway, a sex-worker, a union organizer, a student of paleontology, an expatriate, an independent record label owner, a train-hopper, a waitress, and a mother. Her work has appeared in Bust, Bitch, Maxmum Rock ’n’ Roll, Yeti Magazine and Tin House. Zazen is her first novel.

Jon Raymond published his first novel, The Half-Life in May of 2004. He has also worked as a screenwriter and wrote the short story inspired by the photography of Justine Kurland on which the film Old Joy is based. Old Joy was shown at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and the 2006 Rotterdam International Film Festival and stars musician Will Oldham. Raymond also co-wrote the 2008 filmWendy and Lucy starring Michelle Williams. Both Old Joy and Wendy and Lucy are based on short stories published in Raymond's 2008 collection, Livability, which won the Oregon Book Award's Ken Kesey Award for Fiction in 2009.

Raymond's professional duties include co-editing Tin House, editing Plazm, art criticism for Artforum and Modern Painters, and teaching through The New School


DECEMBER 21st, 2012- Opening Reception 7:30
Johanna Jackson--- "The Big Fig" ---knit works

with special musical guest: Grouper

November 13th 2012------- 7:30pm free
Princess Dies & Friends

A reading of "The Way The Princess Dies" prequel short story with a screening of Princess Dies Episode 4 Parts 1 & 2. Follow the Princess as she starts off on an epic journey of life and death through a world of the dunes, to find herself stumbling onto a Post Apocalyptic compound of a bizarre German man wearing no pants. See her through her precarious life on the compound and the adventures she finds herself in.

After a short intermission, FREE SPIRIT NEWS will showcase new work by contributors!


November 3rd 2012 -----------------8pm free
a night of words and music
Sonny Smith reads his piece "See's All Knows All"
Patrick deWitt reads recent works
Marissa Anderson plays guitar
Dragging an Ox through Water plays it all

Come join us for a special evening of readings and music. Bay Area artist Sonny Smith will be joining us to perform some songs/writings in conjunction with his piece 100 records, currently showing at PMOMA . The night will also host three Portland gems. Man Booker Prize listed author Patrick deWitt will read recent works, and Mississippi Records recording artists Marissa Anderson and Dragging an Ox Through Water will set the tone for a perfect cozy evening at The Portland Museum of Modern Art.: